Where to Get Help

If you are concerned that your health is beginning to suffer from soda addiction, or if you are just trying to prevent all the negative long-term health effects, you are right to seek help to stop.

If you have been unsuccessful trying to quit on your own, you may find the support you need here, reading tips and stories of others who are addicted.Join our forums and share your own stories and offer news and encouragement those in need.

Others may feel a real-life group support setting is more effective for them, but unfortunately,there doesn’t seem to be any meeting groups dedicated to soda addiction alone. Of benefit may be groups like Food Addicts Anonymous, who focus on abstaining from addictive foods. Though we share the same goal of beating addiction, Sodaholics Anonymous is not affiliated with any of these groups, so please contact them directly to confirm meetings in your area.

Food Addicts Anonymous – Meetings

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