Hello Fellow Soda Addicts!

sodaSoda addiction – it’s no joke. And while we are chastised for our affinity of soda as drink of choice by health professionals and any sane person that watches us drown ourselves in the bubbly stuff, the addiction is not generally taken as seriously as nicotine, drug, or alcohol addictions.

Will I ever find myself slumped against a dirty dumpster in an alley begging for my next fix? Likely not, but I will find myself in the morgue years earlier than I should be, and because of my addition, it’s likely I’ll hook family members, too.

“Just stop buying soda”. I hear it all the time, while the person offering the advice looks at me like I’m an idiot and didn’t think of that. It sounds so easy-peasy, but anyone truly addicted to it knows it’s not.

This site will serve as a gathering place for soda addicts, and of course the curious. It will include medical studies conducted on the effects that soda has on the body and brain, and tips and tricks others have used to stop drinking it.

Glad you stopped by. Please join us!

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  1. Slumped against a dirty dumpster, hahaha. Nice website. Always thought there should be a sodaholics anonymous, after all if cities like New York are trying to regulate it theres obviously a problem with it.

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